You’re why I do what I do.

How Digital Artisanal went from screen to stitches.

I am so glad that everyone who uses my patterns knows they are getting a modern cross stitch project worthy of the homes they see on HGTV.

-Brianne Benness
Digital Artisanal

Before I created Digital Artisanal…

I wrote my own software to make occasional custom cross stitch projects for my friends.

Then one day something awesome happened. My husband, a furniture designer with a discerning eye, wanted to get into cross stitch too. And he wanted modern patterns that would look good on the walls of our home.

I was concerned that I would spend a lot of time refining my software for a project that he wouldn’t even finish.

But then…

I decided to share my pattern maker online for free and to use it as a foundational tool for my own line of patterns.

I set out to create the simplest modern cross stitch patterns for the most design-minded stitchers in the DIY world.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

My husband and I moved to San Francisco, a notoriously expensive city, where paid gigs had to take priority over passion projects.

After a year in the Bay I was so burnt out that I had no time for coding or stitching, and it wasn’t long before we realized that the damp and moldy climate was making me really sick.

I decided to stop working because walking, typing and even thinking had become so difficult. My husband and I moved into a hotel while he packed up our belongings to ship back east.


As I began to recover, my energy became a precious resource. Each pattern and finished cross stitch project has been a victory. I was thrilled to release my first pattern collection the same week I hiked up the steep mountain trail behind our new house. I’m walking, typing and thinking again and I couldn’t be happier.